Pet Friendly Lets

Posted on: 28 June 2022

Pet Friendly Lets

It’s well known we are a nation of animal lovers but that’s not always been so true of private landlords. 

Worries about any mess they may leave, or damage, in a rental property have put landlords off allowing our petsacross the threshold. 

However, the Covid pandemic has given rise to something of a rethink as has the announcement in May of the government’s intention for tenants to be allowed to keep pets 

In a recent survey of 1,300 tenants by Paragon Bank, one in five said permission to keep pets was one of their top three must-haves for renting. 

Hawkins’ lettings agent, Craig Arnold said: “We know in the past landlords have been reluctant to allow pets into their rented properties for fear of damage or mess, something that is understandable. 

“However, since the pandemic, more people have acquired pets which has obviously had consequences for their tenancies.  

“We would always advise our landlords to be flexible, especially if they have a good, long-standing tenant, and one who is responsible. That said, it is extremely important to build in an insurance payment into the lease and contract, should there be any damage. 

“It’s also important for tenants to be open and honest with us and their landlords rather than bring in a pet without permission. 

“Although we are still not sure about the finer detail of the government’s proposed Renters Reform Bill, we feel landlords should be prepared and be aware of the change towards allowing pets in rental properties.”  



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