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29 January 2019

Brexit Shmexit

You cannot miss the dreaded word now. On every T.V, radio, news feed and most social media posts there is some link to the Brexit word.  A lot of our conversations now with new and old...

29 January 2019

Choosing The Right Conveyancing Solicitor

Solicitors play a vital part in the property industry. Buying or selling most residential property does need to involve them (there are exeptions such as park homes). It is often the case that the...

8 January 2019

Fire Safety - 10 Tips To Improve Yours.

Fire safety is critically important. Whether it is in the home you live on or a property you rent or let out, ensuring the safety of you, your family or your tenants should be important to you....

11 December 2018

Ten Top Tips To Get Ready To Move House

So, you have agreed a sale on your house and things are moving nicely. Have you thought about the next steps? Particualry the stages of getting your house packed up and ready to go andwhat you...

11 December 2018

Is Christmas A Good Time To Sell?

Baby its cold outside....but not cold enough to sell your home. That is the advice from us at Hawkins Sales & Lettings.  One of the most common questions we get asked when valuing...

11 December 2018

Buying A House? Things To Look Out For Before Making That Offer...

It can be a daunting time looking a houses, deciding what is right for you, what something may cost, what problems can occur later on down the line. This also makes it exciting, so fear not. We...

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