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14 November 2018

Five Top Tips To Being A Better Landlord

Being a good landlord can be different to being a nice landlord. Sound weird? A good landlord ensures that they are responsible and adhere to the legal obligations that are required. They are...

13 November 2018

Rogue Landlords

Rogue landlords - what and who are they? Is that you?!?   A rogue landlord is typically someone who a) owns rental property and b) takes payment for said property without considering...

7 November 2018

Security Of Sale....Can It Be Improved?

Often, the most stressful time when selling your home is after you have taken the offer. The time from offer accepted to completion of contracts seems to be getting longer. Therefore the risk of...

5 November 2018

Smoking In (Rental)Homes.....To Be Stubbed Out For Good?

Action on smoking and health (ASH) is a charity currently embarking on a 'smoke free housing' campaign with a view to reducing harm from smoking in the home. The charity exists to prevent harm...

5 November 2018

Landlords Insurance - 10 Top Tips For Picking The Right Cover For You

Choosing the right cover for you can create a bit of a headache. With such a competitive market place you can sometimes have 20 or 30 quotes come up in typical search. Which do you choose? Below...

1 November 2018

Winter Is Coming.....

Winter is almost upon us. The nights are closing in, frost glistens on the windscreen each morning, the boiler rumbles into life after snoozing through those summer months and the cats will no...

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