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11 December 2018

You've Seen That Perfect Rental Property - What Next?

How exciting! You've arranged the viewing, its gone well. You want to take it. So have you thought what the next steps are to renting a property? Here is a guide to the renting process....

4 December 2018

High Street Agents Get Sellers Better Prices....

High street agents achieve more viewings, more offers, and in almost three-quarters of cases a 5% better price than online-only firms. The research, from The Advisory – an independent...

19 November 2018

Why An Experienced , Professionally Qualified Agent With Dedicated Sales Control Can Save You Grief !

Almost half of sales fall through within the first four weeks of an offer being accepted, new research claims. Data from a Post Office Money report found that 44% of sales fall through within...

14 November 2018

Five Top Tips To Being A Better Landlord

Being a good landlord can be different to being a nice landlord. Sound weird? A good landlord ensures that they are responsible and adhere to the legal obligations that are required. They are...

13 November 2018

Rogue Landlords

Rogue landlords - what and who are they? Is that you?!?   A rogue landlord is typically someone who a) owns rental property and b) takes payment for said property without considering...

7 November 2018

Security Of Sale....Can It Be Improved?

Often, the most stressful time when selling your home is after you have taken the offer. The time from offer accepted to completion of contracts seems to be getting longer. Therefore the risk of...

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