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12 October 2018

Estate Agents To Be Licensed?

Should Estate Agents & Letting Agents be licensed? We think so. You might ask why? In England there is currently no requirment for qualification or experiance for anyone interested in...

3 October 2018

When A Buyer Pulls Out At The Last Minute....

You have probably heard of the story, or worse still, experianced it personally. It usually follows like this...... you have spent the last few months answering questions, allowing surveyors...

8 September 2018

Proptech - Whats That, And How Does It Effect Me?!

Prop Tech – whats that?? Property’ has always been regarded as a people business but as times have changed, the complexity of processes, legislation and finance has increased...

7 September 2018

Get It Right First Time

In a sensitive market place the smallest of things can make the biggest of differences when it comes to selling your home. To acheive the best price in the best timescale it is cruicial that you...

8 August 2018

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards – What You Need To Know

The legislation was proposed in the 2011 Energy Act in response to concerns that in some towns and cities, rental stock is typically older, which could mean that many homes occupied by tenants may...

1 August 2018

A Lack Of Knowledge Could Be Preventing Buyers From Using Shared Ownership

The findings, from a survey carried out by TotallyMoney, showed that confusion surrounding the initiative is high, especially among 18-24-year olds. A knowledge gap Only 28% of 18-24...

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