Brexit Shmexit

Posted on: 29 January 2019


You cannot miss the dreaded word now. On every T.V, radio, news feed and most social media posts there is some link to the Brexit word. 

A lot of our conversations now with new and old clients does, to some degree include a mention of the subject. Do we have all the answers - no, we don't believe anyone does, not even the right honourable people in charge of dealing with it. 

What we can offer is a sensible, fact based opinion based on local trends, our own experiances as a leading sales and lettings agent in Nuneatom and Bedworth and professional research that we conduct on a weekly basis. 

What we can see is a nervousness within the general housing market. The majority of which is from house sellers looking to come to the market. Typical questions are along the lines of ''we are unsure of what may happen'' and '' will values drop '' or ''we might just wait untill ''. When asking people why they feel like this, they often tell us it is becasue of what they see, hear and read across the various media formats. We certainly understand what kind of picture this paints, particulary will all of the infighting and seemingly childish behaviour of our elected representatives. 

However, what we can say with certainty, right here and now is that we see no reason for anyone to worry. We see buyers registering and searching on on a daily basis. We see offers ans sale being agreed in numbers higher than in the previous height of the market, we see stong pricing - particulary in Nuneaton, recently recorded as having the highest property value increases in Warwickshire. Mortgage rates and levels of lending have never been better in the last decade and to put it simply - demand still outstrips supply meaning that buyers still need to buy. There will always be reasons for buyers and sellers need to move - Work, Schooling, downsizing, divorce (regrettably), upsizing, location changes etc etc. 

It is clear that some buyers may be nervous. We can't deny that there are areas of industry that could be affected, certainly within our loca areas of Nuneaton, Bedworth and Coventry. Again, we feel that the levels of demand that is clearly being seen on a daily basis should still maintain a positive market place. 

So, what is needed is more property to sell! It's as simple as that. So if you are thinking of moving, don't let this mess get you down. Be confident and make the most of a vibrant market place and good prices. Pricing your home correctly and choosing the right agent who can support your journey is importnant. Good marketing, open communication. positive attitudes and the right technology. 

Looking to sell in Nuneaton, need an Estate Agent to help you on your Journey, Hawkins Estate Agents are here to offer no obligation advice. Call or email today. 


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