Being a good landlord can be different to being a nice landlord. Sound weird? A good landlord ensures that they are responsible and adhere to the legal obligations that are required. They are fair, caring and conscious of other peoples needs. But that doesn’t mean they have to be nice….


Nice landlords can often get too involved. Maybe letting a house because they feel sorry for someone or need to give someone a chance. Sometimes they let the rent be missed, because they felt it the ‘right’ thing to do. Other times they can get sucked into unnecessary work commitments that are above beyond what is needed.


So, what can a good landlord do to offer a good home to a good tenant?

  1. Market at the right rent. This sound simple but so many landlords try to squeeze the life out of a rent return and also the tenant’s pocket. Cost of living applies to everyone, including tenants so price realistically for your house, the market it is in and the condition you are offering it in.


 2. Present the house well. Did you know that the tenant’s thoughts and the condition of the property are psychologically linked, the condition you let your property in is linked to the level of care a tenant will take, its been proven time and time again! Offer a good, safe, warm home and you will get it back that way.

 3. Make sure its all working. You wouldn’t believe the number of call-outs an agent has when homes are first let. Usually due to the property being left empty for a while. Assuming  everything will work again as if it had never been turned off is a mistake. Thoroughly check the boiler, electric, water supply, washing machine, dishwasher, fire place and  anything else that may be mechanical or reply on a power source to run. This way you will save £££’s on call out charges and fees.

 4. Get the right insurance. Might sound a bit over dramatic? Do you know the cost implications of putting a tenant up for a week or two in a hotel whilst the house dries out due to a burst water pipe!

 5. Have your property professionally managed. What’s that you may ask. Your biggest obligation to your tenant is ensuring that they are safe. Not only that, but you are also required to adhere to over 150 different pieces of legislation. These laws cover areas of letting even before tenant moves in. Do you know what they are? A professional, qualified and regulated agent will, its their job. Allow them to take the pressure off you whilst giving you piece of mind that you are operating above the law.

Hopefully that have given you a few pointers, there are many more. Call Hawkins if you need any advice or assistance. Its is our sole aim to ensure landlords and tenants are safe and happy.