Get It Right First Time

Posted on: 7 September 2018

In a sensitive market place the smallest of things can make the biggest of differences when it comes to selling your home. To acheive the best price in the best timescale it is cruicial that you start as you mean to go on when you decide to market and present your home for sale.


Firstly and possibly most importantly, your estate agent and you must set the correct asking price from the start. With technology today, property listings are seen almost instantly and the first few days that buyers engage with your property will set the tone for a succesful sale, or not. As we have seen every month so far this year in Nuneaton particualry with buyers, capitising on the demand quickly is importnant for any seller and pricing too high often leads to your home becoming dated and achieving poorer results. 

Appeal to the subconscious - If you asked pretty much anyone whether they would like to buy and live in a tidy and clean home or a messy home, the chances are the answer would be clean and tidy, therefore, show and give them a clean and tidy home!

Atmosphere and Enviroment - Alway remember that you are selling a very expensive product. Creating the best setting and a welcoming enviroment is massivley important. Open a window to get fresh air circulating. Arrange fresh flowers and air freshners. Make sure your home is light, it gives an impression of space and also lightens the mood! Open heavy curtains or remove if possible, add light blinds, ensure all of your lights are working, use 'white' light bulbs where you can. Even dark bed linen and dark painted walls can lessen a mood of a buyer. 

First impressions - Buyers in Nuneaton & Bedworth still do drive by property prior to viewing and as such its important that the house looks a good on the outside as it does in the inside for the whole time you are on the market. Ensure windows are cleaned, gardens cut and the front door polished!


Let your Estate Agent do the work - Contrary to belief, the majority of buyers tend to prefer the agent to accompany the viewing. It enables them to open up about the property, ask question freely without fear of insult and enables the agent to overcome any objections that might be stopping a potential buyer from offering. They will also obtain honest feedback for you. Your Estate Agent of choice should always offer this service and you shouldnt have to pay anything extra. 

Cover these bases and you should be on your way for a succesful sale. Demand is very high in the Nuneaton & Bedworht areas. Call Hawkins Sales & Lettings on 02476 374949 for free advice. 


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