How To Make A Rental House A Home

Posted on: 5 July 2017

Thanks to these handy top-tips gathered from , here are five ‘suggestive’ ways you can personalise your rental! 

Fill your home with things you love

Surround yourself with adored objects that tell a story. These could be treasures brought back from trips or gifts with sentimental value from family and friends or even bargains picked up in a charity shop. Find a surface such as a desk or window sill to display them and your life and loves will instantly transform an emotionless space into a home filled with memories.

Art and mirrors

The hardest thing about living in a rental property is that the decoration may be a million miles away from any mood board you might have contemplated. Even uniformly white walls, although not blatantly offensive, can feel cold and impersonal. Luckily this problem is easily fixed without even reaching for a paintbrush. A large canvas or oversized mirror propped against the wall makes for a show-stopping focal point and adds immediate depth and drama to a room. Paintings or framed photographs also instantly make the space your own. Check with the landlord first and if picture hooks are forbidden, picture hanging strips are invaluable as they fix anything (within reason) to the wall and come away again neatly and easily – keeping walls and your deposit intact!

Have fun with rich colours and texture

If the flooring or furniture fill you with horror, don’t panic. Big statement rugs are the answer for floors you’d rather keep under wraps. Choose a variety of different sizes, colours and designs for an on-trend bohemian feel. Unsightly sofas and chairs can also be camouflaged with cosy throws, a sheepskin or inexpensive loose covers. Brightly coloured cushions, curtains, bedding and towels will also instantly make the rooms feel like they belong to you. If you have a favourite colour, make it a theme for the room, accessorizing with pretty glass bottles, vases and candles. Don’t go too mad though, less is often more!

Freestanding furniture is your friend

Rented homes often lack storage, which can leave the door open for dreaded clutter. Attacking the problem with a hammer and nails to create shelving isn’t always an option, so why not invest in a couple of freestanding storage units which you can take away with you when you move on? Bookcases are a winner for offering a perfect combination of storage and decoration, providing space for ornaments and accessories to add colour and personality to the room.

Bring the outside in

House plants are a low-cost way to make your home feel warm and loved. If green fingers aren’t your forte, don’t worry, fake it with high quality artificial flowers and plants. Or buy cacti which are virtually indestructible and stylish.

Ultimately, it’s the people and the things inside that make a house a home. Try not to be too disheartened about not being able to change the fixtures and fittings. Focus on what you can change and with a bit of love and attention your rented house will soon be ‘home sweet home’.

For all letting enquiries, contact Hawkins Sales & Lettings for information on any of our rented properties across Nuneaton, Coventry & Bedworth. One of our friendly team members will happily talk through all stages; from registering to view the chosen property to collecting your keys for your new adventure. We are also always on the other end of the phone for any of your enquiries throughout the process of living in your wonderful rented property! 


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