Baby its cold outside....but not cold enough to sell your home. That is the advice from us at Hawkins Sales & Lettings. 

One of the most common questions we get asked when valuing homes through Novemeber and December is this one. So we thought we would take this oppotunity to list a few reasons why it is most definately a good time to sell. 

1. The seasonal effect - whilst we cant speak for every agent out there, we certainly see no drop off on selling numbers through December. In fact, this month is proving to be better than last year. It is true that general enquiries drop of a touch, but there is no evidence to suggest the genuine buyers in the market pause to get christmans out of the way.


2. People won't want to commit just before a typically expensive xmas period - wrong! Buyers want to secure thier purchase, quit often before the busy xmas period. And also look to beat the surge and competition in January in the new year rush.


3. Competition from other properties for sale - This is one of the biggest reasons to market just before xmas. Whilst buyer numbers do not really reduce greatly, new property to the market does. So why not have more of the buying market looking at your house rather than others?! The larger your auduience of buyers, the better the price you wil achieve. 

4. Market conditions - we do not expect the inpending Brexit situation to have a major affect on the housing market BUT negative media speculation can make buyers go inot hiding whether it is right or worng. So making hay while the sun shines (or rain falls) now might be the best way to secure a sale at the best price. 


5. Online marketing - research suggests that the websites of agents, property portals such as rightmove and onthemarket receive thier highest number of 'hits' on boxing day and the proceeding week after. So launching your home onto the market just before Christmans can really maximise its visibilty to the buyers out there.


So what are you waiting for! if you are thinking of selling, pick up that phone and call Hawkins Sales & lettings for a free market appraisal, advice and help in designing the best marketing package for you. 02476374949 or email on