the day is finally here !! How exciting. In an ideal situation, there are a few weeks’ notice between exchange of contracts and the completion date but this can vary, dependent on circumstances, so always check with your solicitor. 

Planning your move is essential to a smooth moving day, so here are some tips:

  • At least four weeks before the intended move date, obtain a few quotes from removal companies who have insurance for furniture in transit, ideally using a personal recommendation - We here at Hawkins have some reliable, trustworthy recommendations which we are happy to provide.
  • Make sure your furniture will fit into the next property and if you want to be super organised, colour code boxes for each individual room along with a floor plan for the removers of where your furniture will go in the new home.
  • Obtain a cancellation policy in case the date for moving is changed at the last minute. This may not always be doable but can be super important! Without an exchange, a completion date can be moved around numerous of times!
  • Removal companies’ quotes depend on a number of things including what day you move, distance covered, the size of the load, value, risk and amount of furniture, who packs/unpacks and the ease of access to your property, are all taken into account so try to have all of this information ready to give to the company.
  • Keys! A discussion regarding your keys will take place between yourselves and your estate agent. Whether you plan on dropping them in when your all boxed up, or if you have already moved out therefore the property is empty – keys can be dropped off sooner. Knowing what’s going on and where things need to be is always less stressful.
  • Use this handy change of address check list below to enable you to keep track of who you have informed, when, how (email, phone etc) and contact name. Keep it close by.



When completion day arrives the most common question is “what time can I get my keys?”. Answer is; there is no set time! Your solicitor has advised you it’s all gone through at 9:30am but you don’t receive a phone call until mid-day to advise you to collect your keys. Why is this? No, it’s not because the estate agent is sat around chatting drinking coffee completely forgetting your sat in your van raring to go. It is simply because an estate agent cannot legally release keys until the seller’s solicitor has confirmed the funds have reached their account – this is when the transaction has completed. Money can be released from the bottom of the chain at 9am and not reach the sellers solicitors for an awfully long time however, there isn’t much anyone can really do. Your money is currently floating around waiting to find its destination and patience is your only virtue!

Once funds have reached the seller’s solicitors, those funds need to be transferred upwards (if you are involved in a chain that is) leaving the vendor virtually ‘homeless’ at one point. Their sale has completed but they have the eager wait to get their keys now therefore, it is always polite to remember this.

Once you have your keys, the world’s your oyster! Enjoy your new chapter and top tip, don’t forget your agent! We here at Hawkins Sales and Lettings will always be on hand to assist with any problems that may arise either on the day or in the future.