What’s your nickname?                                 


What do you do?

I conduct viewings, carry out office administration and look after the computer systems across the business.

How long have you worked at Hawkins?

Three Years

What was the property industry like when you first started and has it changed?

The sales and rental markets seem considerably busier now than when I started.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?

Making sure that our computers are kept up to date

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I enjoy getting out onto the road and talking to clients at our properties. 

Dog or cat?


How do you unwind after work?

I am a politics student so I run a political website, www.completepolitics.co.uk. I also watch House of Cards a lot.

Choose a film title for the story of your life?

I can’t think of one but Live and Let Die is my favourite film.

What makes a good client?

One that is trustworthy

If you could give one piece of advice – what would it be?

Never judge a book by its cover.



If you would like to have a chat with Joseph, or any other member of our team about how we may be able to help you, please feel free to get in touch– we’d love to hear from you.