So, you have agreed a sale on your house and things are moving nicely. Have you thought about the next steps? Particualry the stages of getting your house packed up and ready to go andwhat you should do when moving into your new home.

The day of completion can often be a hectic affair. Everything can happen at once, your buyers money transfers over, your house sale completes, you need to load vans, the buyers want the keys, your onward purchase is ready and you need to get those keys! All of a sudden things start to get very confusing! Here are some tips when to avoid unecessary stress in what should be one of the best moments of your lives. 

1. Book a Removal Company

Once you’ve decluttered your personal belongings and have a rough idea of what you’ll be taking, now you should book your removal company. You could attempt to do it yourself, but it would be a lot of added stress and time.

The removal company will have many years’ experience of carefully packing, handling and loading delicate and heavy items so they arrive safely at your new house.


2. Declutter your Belongings

Decluttering is essential to do every now and then, but it’s even more important before moving house. Before even attempting to pack, you should decide what to sell, donate or throw out.

You’ll be glad of it come moving day and believe us, the removal guys will be glad that they don’t need to shift your lava lamp, inflatable chair and broken down computers.


3. Pack as Early as Possible

Once the moving date is confirmed, make a start on packing as soon as you can.

Get together a plan of action with a room by room checklist of how you will pack along with all of the packing material you’ll need.


4. Be Inventive with Packing

If you’re moving house with children, get them involved in packing their own items. If they are nearing or in their teenage years, this could also be an opportunity for them to let go of old toys and books, helping you to declutter further.

Get them to creatively label their stuff with bright colours and drawings as a way to keep them interested.


5. Label Properly

You should label boxes with the room it’s going to and a brief summary of what’s in the box so there’s no confusion when you’re unpacking.

If you don’t want to write a short novella on the boxes you could consider using coloured stickers/labels to help categorise rooms.


6. Keep Cupboard Doors Open

By keeping your cupboard and cabinet doors open in the days up to and on moving day will give you the chance to see that you have packed everything.

This way, you will be able to see that you have everything or if you have left anything inside. You can do the same with the kitchen drawers.


7. Pack a Survival Box

Pack the things you use every day and night in a separate bag and keep this with you at all times. Items such as medicine, face cream, toothbrush, toilet roll, change of clothes, phone chargers etc will all come in handy.


8. Take Photos

Photograph the wires at the back of your television or any other electronic sets ups. This is a great way to keep track of what goes where when you’re putting everything back together in your new house.

You can also take photos of any wall displays, ornament placement, or shelving setups in your current home that you are fond of and wish to recreate in your new place.


9. Update your Address

It’s a good idea to start changing your address with companies or organisations like the bank, the doctor’s surgery and dentist 2 weeks before you move.

It is a good idea to start this with companies or organisations like the bank, the doctor’s surgery and dentist 2 weeks before you move. You can also divert any mail going to your old address with the Royal Mail for a small fee.


10. Check Council Tax Band

Many people will forget about taking care of their council tax when moving house. If you’re moving to a new area, you’ll need to set up a new account. Check with your local authority for more details about your council tax band.


We hope that helps a little with your move. if you havent even got this far, we are always happy to help with advice and guidence. Not on the market yet? We offer free valuations. Call Hakwins Sales & Lettings on 02476 374949 or email