The Best Primary Schools In Nuneaton | Nuneaton Schools

Posted on: 6 March 2020

The Best Primary Schools in Nuneaton | Nuneaton Schools

If you are a parent with young children and looking to move to Nuneaton, you will want to be aware of the best infant and primary schools in the area. Gathering all the information you need to do this can be a lengthy process. That’s why we’ve created a list on the highest performing primary schools in Nuneaton, with the most important information you need on securing a place.


Abbey CofE Infant School

Located on Aston Road, CV11, Abbey CoFE Infant School is one of the most sought-after infant schools in the area. The last Ofsted report carried out in January 2014 saw the school awarded a rating of ‘Outstanding’.

It admits children between the ages of 3 to 7, with a total of 216 pupils and 27.7 pupils per teacher. Pupils can each attend the school for a maximum of 15 hours a week, which can be divided up into morning or afternoon classes for 3 hours, or across various other timetables.

Absence levels (authorised and unauthorised) in the school are generally low, with a rate of 3.8% against a national average of 4.2%. This also applies to persistent absence, which is at 7.1% against the national average of 8.7%.

This is a mixed school, with 2018-19 figures showing there are slightly more boys than girls, which breaks down to 53.2% compared to 46.8%. According to the same set of annual figures, pupils whose first language is English stood at 67.6%.

The catchment area for Abbey CoFE runs along Fife Street and Beaumont Road to the west, along Stanley Road and Jodrell Street in the north, down across to Nuneaton Rail Station in the east, through the bus station and down into to Newdegate Street on the south border. You can see the full boundary guidelines here.


Galley Common Infant School

Galley Common Infant School is another of Nuneaton’s outstanding schools. It is found on Plough Hill Road, CV10. When Ofsted last visited the school to carry out their inspection in November 2010, they were awarded a rating of ‘Outstanding’.

The school admits children between the ages of 4 and 7 and is a non-denominational school that welcomes both boy and girls. In total there a maximum of 147 pupils taught within the school, with a pupils per teacher average of 20.4.

In the most recent figures released (2018-19), Galley Common had 54.4% boys compared to 45.6% girls, with 93.9% of pupils at the school who have English as their first language.

Absences (authorised and non-authorised) revealed in the same figures are low at 3.7% compared to a 4.2% national average, while persistent absence levels stand at 8% against a national average of 8.7%.

The catchment area for Galley Common extends up to Bowling Green, stopping on the eastside at Skey Drive and Waggestaff Drive. The furthest point on the southeast is Dickens Close, Valley Road along the south boundary and Haunchwood Park Drive in the southwest.

The priority area ends on the western side in Barn Moor Wood, at Thronyfield Wood in the northwest, and just before Bret’s Hall Farm to the north. You can see the full boundary guidelines for the school here


Whitestone Infant School

Whitestone Infant School is located on Magyar Cres, CV11 and is regarded as one of the best performing schools in Nuneaton. This was confirmed during their last Ofsted inspection in May 2011, which saw the school receive an ‘Outstanding’ certification.

This is a mixed school that teaches pupils aged between 4-7. It is non-faith school and welcomes pupils regardless of their faiths. A total of 270 pupils attend the school across the various years, with a pupil to teacher ratio of 26.0.

58% of the pupils at Whitestone are boys, while 42% are girls, with the proportion of those attending the school who speak English as their first language standing at 97%.

Based on figures released for 2018/19, in terms of absences the school performs well with an overall rate of 3.9%. This is below the national average of 4.2%. Persistent absence is also comparatively low, standing at 4.9% against the national average of 8.7%.

Whitestone sits close by to the eastern edge of its catchment area which encompasses part of Gypsy Lane along the boundary. Part of the A254 runs from the east up through to the A47 junction in the north and across toe Narrow Brook. The western edge of the boundary ends at the A5 and extends down into the main intersection in the southwest, and covers round to Gorse Farm in the south. Full boundary guidelines for the school can be found here.


Our Lady & St. Joseph Catholic Academy

Parents looking for a leading primary school in the Nuneaton area will be keen to apply to Our Lady & St. Joseph Catholic Academy, which is in Riversley Park, CV11.

Ofsted last held an inspection at the school in September 2014 and awarded an ‘Outstanding’ certification. There are 540 pupils in education at the school, with an average of 21.4 pupils per teacher.

Our Lady & St. Joseph is a mixed Catholic school, with currently more girls in attendance, with 56% of the pupils girls and 44% boys. 73.1% of the pupils who go to the school use English as their first language.

Overall absence figures released in 2017/18 are low at 3.2% against a national average of 4.2%, while persistent absences stand at 3.8% against a national average of 8.7%.

Performance wise, the school excels in pupils who meet the expected standard of maths, reading and English, with a rating of 86% - far above the national average of 65%. This is also true of pupils working to a higher standard in these subjects - achieving 13% against an 11% national average.

The catchment area runs along Griff Lane in the south, round to Dagley’s Wood in the west. The railway line to the north marks the northern edge of the boundary, which extends round to Top Leather Mill Farm and Harrow Brook in the west. Full boundary guidelines for the school can be found here.


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