Which Property Is The Landlords’ Favourite

Posted on: 29 June 2022

Which property is the landlords’ favourite

Terraced houses in the Midlands are bucking the national trend as the most popular type of property for landlords to invest in. 

Homes need a minimum of two bedrooms for investors, with freeholds trumping leaseholds in the desirability stakes. 

The findings are in response to a survey of 800 landlords by Paragon Bank in which semi-detached homes were found to be the preferred investment for landlords. Terraced houses came in second. 

However, in a snapshot of the market by managers in the Hawkins’ branches, we found good sized bedrooms, bigger gardens, parking availability, price and space for a home office are the driving factors when it comes to landlords choosing what to invest in, rather than the property being necessarily a semi. 

Detached houses also fare less well as they are more expensive to buy and don’t provide such good yields. 

Hawkins’ lettings agent Craig Arnold said: “The pandemic has definitely resulted in a shift in mindset when it comes to what types of property landlords want to invest in. 

“The trend we are seeing coming through most strongly is that of a desire for more space. There are still a great many people working from home and landlords are wise to this and are thus keen to invest in homes with more square footage. 

This has resulted in more requests for homes with at least two if not three bedrooms. 

“However, price is still an important factor and should never be under-estimated. 

“If landlords are unsure where or what to invest in, we can help as different areas attract different tenants and property types. It is always wise to seek our expert opinion to make sure you make the right choice and get the most from your investment.” 


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