How exciting! You've arranged the viewing, its gone well. You want to take it. So have you thought what the next steps are to renting a property?

Here is a guide to the renting process. Remember, it can and will differ from agent to agent but as the only full ARLA registered agent in Nuneaton, we are assured our process is very much in line with and in some cases above Industry standard. 

Firstly, advise the agent the that you want to take the property! Rental properties are few and far between at the moment so make sure you go straight to the office and start your application. Enquries/applications can also be made remotely aslong as you have seen the property. Be aware that the transfer of information can take a bit longer so there might be risk on losing out.

We will invite you to complete an information form detailing your basic details such as name, contact numbers and email address. A quick questionnaire follows to confirm a few points, mainly affordability, employment position, pets etc. The form is also an agreement from yourself giving us consent to holding your personal information in line with GDPR guidelines. It also is your agreement and confirmation that you understand the liabilites and process involved, before the main referancing process starts. We also need to know if there is any bad credit or other restrictive issues that could effect your application as once the full referancing is started, if something negative comes to light that hasn't been disclosed, you may be turned down and lose your referancing fee*.

Once that has been completed, we will ask you for your I.D. We are required by law to abide by the right to rent act, so will need a copy of your passport along with two other forms of address identification. This I.D has to match you current registered address. 

Next, we will take the relevant application/referancing fee. Once this has all be confirmed, we will notify the landlord and obtain his approval. Should anything change at this point prior to the full referancing, you do not incure any cost or liability. 

If everyone is happy, we then move onto the full referancing. To ensure that everything is fair, we employ an external insurance company to provide back ground checks and credit history. This is completed online by yourself and at this stage we ask you to make sure you have advised your employer that they will have a request for a referance, this saves time. If referances are onbtained easlity, then the whole referancing process should take just a couple of days. 

Then, we notify you of your success and we plan dates! Our property management team will liaise with you and the landlord, ensuring the property is ready for move in, inventories are completed and all of the relevant safety checks are in place. 

After you have paid the rest of your monies - consisting of the first months rent, deposit and letting fee, we will meet you in the office on the big day! Ready to sign contracts and take the keys. Then it's off to your new home!!

We hope that gives you some insight into the process involved. We are here 6 days a week to help you find the right home. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on 02476 374949 or email


* sometimes bad credit can effect an indivuduals ability to rent. We will explore all oppotunity to overcome that where possible, this may mean the need for a guarantor or further rent payment in advance. It also needs the landlords confirmation. Some landlords are dictated to by their lenders or insurance companies as to what they can take in terms in of rent payment or tenancy type.